Sunday, 8 March 2015

Waterloo Battle Report 22/2/15

This was the 2nd game on the go at the Falkirk wargames club on the last Sunday of February over in Grangemouth. It was the assault of the French guard on the allied held ridge line at Waterloo and was played by Robert and Peter as the allies and Martin (I believe) as the French.

A few shots of the battlefield. Looks like the guys got their hands on lots and lots of old five a side footballs and cut them to pieces to make the terrain? So Robert I believe supplied the allies with a couple of Dutch Belgians form Gary and Martin supplied the French.

I think you will agree a fine looking table. The guys managed to get 2 games in to our 1!

So the French begin their advance.

Some close up pics of the allied lines, 95th rifles at the front. 

Some more Brits I would guess?

Minifigs and old glory Nassau I think with what looks like AB British hussars?

Combat looks to be well underway now in this pic.

The French guard, looks like a mix of old glory, minifigs and AB?

The guard advance is definitely in full swing!

Some persky British lights out flanking the advancing French.

The allied high command encouraging the troops forward.

More pics of Robert's excellent allies

The French attack goes in . . .

To be honest I wasn't paying much attention to this table, the allies won the 1st game and the French the 2nd.

Painting wise I'm just finishing off a Prussian landwehr battalion a Von Lutzow battalion and I have also started some more command bases. I'll post pics as they come together.

Happy wargaming
Awe ra best Paul 


Jonathan Freitag said...

That is a fine looking game!

Samuli S said...

A very nice looking game indeed!

Rodger said...

There is something very special about a Napoleonic game with lots of troops. Awesome sight!

paulalba said...

Hi jonathan, yeah it did look great. Ipad pics are not the best to show it though.

paulalba said...

Hi Samuli, yeah the guys from Falkirk Wargames Club always put in nice games. Great inspiration.

paulalba said...

Hi Rodger, totally agree. Gave myself a kick up the rear end to get painting!

Craig said...

Great looking game. I was curious as to which section of the ridge they were representing. Was that meant to be La Haye Sainte in the middle of the field, or Ter La Haye or Papelotte? The Falkirk lads do seem to know how to put on a good show.

paulalba said...

Hi Craig, I'm afraid I can't help you there. Maybe ask Gary over on GdB? Yeah there is a lot of naps experience around the guys at falkirk/Grangemouth. Big collections of 15's going back years. Brilliant to get a look at them.

Although we mostly do AB and OG it's great to see the minifigs and other makes (but mostly the minifigs!)

John (VonBlucher) said...

Another great looking game, hard to concentrate on your own game as you have another nearby with some more eye candy on the table.