Thursday 11 November 2010

Russian Workbench 1

Well true to form I have once again jumped from 1 nationality to another to keep my painting interest going

I was going to wait until getting these guys finished up before posting them on the blog but I have hit a minor stumbling block.

I am working on a command base for my AB Russian cuirassiers. Anyone who has done an AB late Russian army will know that there are not so many command figures in the range and you either have to add in figures from other manufacturers or do a little bit of converting. I had a spare Bagration figure from last Christmas so I decided to make him into a cavalry general.

I gave him a haircut and a new bicorne hat, altered his open coat and added a collar and cross as well as giving him a new straight sword and scabbard. I remember someone telling me that the cavalry generals at times would wear the uniform of their parent unit so I want to depicted my lad in a white cuirassier uniform. My little problem is I am not sure if his facings and turn backs would be the colour of his regiment or red in the generals colour? Also for the officer in the background was it still possible for him to have epalettes and a helmet with white hair?

Also another puzzle for me:
How do these guys go together? I have never seen a picture of this caisson and my question is where does the rider sit in the centre or the left? Also should the 3 horses all be in line or does the centre horse sit forward of the others? Also what is the stuff at the back of the caisson, is it straw for the horses or ropes for dragging the guns?

And my final questions: How do the Russians attach their horse teams to the limbers/caissons? Is it with leather reins or ropes?

These guys have been sitting around like this for a good while and are now completely finished off with varnish and grass (24 of them anyway, I'll finish the other 6 later).

I'll post the finished product when the commanders are also finished.

Any help with my above questions would be very much appreciated.


Ken said...

You are like a man possessed! A great range of figures and nationalities - stops boredom from setting in if you do too much of one uniform.



Paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
My napoleonics are my only real wargaming interest now. I feel as if I missed out a lot as I had a huge break of many years from painting Naps and think of the 15mm collection I could have had I kept painting them.

My other interest was building, detailing and painting 1/72 scale WW2 tanks but I have no space for them any more.

I have always enjoyed adding the little details to kits and figures and finding out the history.

Your right, a few different nationalities can help keep the boredom away.

Looks like it will be a green coat and red facings for my cuirassier general after all as I have no idea of the facings on the white coats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul..

I am no expert of cource, but gererals uniform must be allways green. This was ADC who have parent units and wear particular uniform.

Background officer do not have white hair on his helmet.. nobody have. White woollen crest was part of previous (pre 1808) uniform version.

And dont forgot red edgings for cuirasses..


Paulalba said...

Cheers Sho,
Yeah the red edging is there. I'll put some pictures of the up soon. The Russian cavalry general. The guys over on GdB sorted this out. Have a look at the thread in the main GdB forum as you will definately find it interesting. I was not sure on the white main myself because of the dates (clutching at straws to make the command base super different from the ranks ;-)

Robert said...

Looks great, Paul! I'm fond of vignettes in any wargaming army, and that one should be fantastic when its done.

In fact, you've reminded me that I have my own Russki command stand to work on- must get cracking on it this coming holiday.

Paulalba said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks, I have put it to the side for the moment so it will probably be a little time till it's finished. Got a few things on the go I want to have finished up and posted for the new year. Looking forward to seeing your command bases!

Steve h said...

Hi Paul, love the cuirassier regiment! Your collection really is coming on.

cheers Steve

Paulalba said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks very much, I have a good few things almost finished that I plan to post before Christmas and New Year (A Prussian guard battalion plus their jager, 2 2 Russian and Bavarian (from you) artillery limbers and the finished cuirassiers).

How are you getting on with your figures?