Thursday, 31 May 2012

Down on the Farm

Around about this time last year my wife and i were getting ready to return from the Philippines. We had spent 3 weeks with her family and had a great time. The kids beat us up daily, so happy to see us after such a long time and it was sad to leave. While over in the Philippines we had a thought on buying a small plot of land with a view to building a wee house to maybe use as a holiday home and in time even consider building something a little more substantial for when we are old and grey.
Anyway it didn't really turn out exactly how I had planned! Alvin, the brother of my wife cares for plots of land for a good few people and we tasked him with keeping an eye out for a bargain over the next year or 2!! Anyway Alvin mentioned this cracking place going for a song and we ended up buying the land within a couple of weeks of returning home!!!
Only it turns out we bought a fecking farm not a small plot of land. Alvin really done us proud and we have let him make a living from the place while keeping it in good shape for us in the future. The place was a complete jungle and after all the guys hard work it is really beginning to show fruit.
It turned out there was already hardcore and founds set for a large rice mill so these were utilised to make the big structure you see in the pics.
We had walked the land before we went for it but afterwards it turned the boundaries were way beyond what we had estimated.
So the guys have been planting corn, water melon and we have planted hundreds of different smaller fruit trees as well as a banana grove (and of course coconut trees).
A mini melon.
A single banana tree left over from the clearing.
The kids getting ready for a little harvest celebration.
I don't think it was the kids drinking the red horses? No.1 strong beer of the Philippines.
Sorting out the corn.
This was Alvin's 1st harvest so it was a test to see what crops would grow best on the land. By the time of the corn harvest the melons had been picked and sold.
Nikki Noo helping out.
The glamorous Maritese, 1 of my sister in laws.
There have been some great things to come out of our little project. 1st Alvin is loving it and 2nd the kids are having a brilliant time.
And 3rd we discovered that on the land there were a few families living and when we put a well on the land they were able to get a constant source of water.
On the farm we also have some livestock, pigs, goats, chickens, a caribou.
And ducks! It is great to think we are leaving such happy memories in the minds of our nieces and nephews!!!

Nothing to do with wargaming or figure painting but I just wanted to share with you some of our adventures. There is another big area still to be cultivated in time.


Ray Rousell said...

What a great little story, it looks a beautiful place!!!

Gonsalvo said...

Sounds like you've done more than just acquire some property, you've had an indirect but still positive impact upon the community !

Rosbif said...

Wow! Lord of the manor, so to speak!

You've got the best of both worlds with your brother-in-law to keep things ticking over.

Well done!

Mr. Lee said...

Impressive! To look for a house and become a feudal lord in the process!

Nice job!

The Angry Lurker said...

Beautiful place, would love a bit of beauty and quietness!

Stryker said...

Paul, what a sneaky way to get your own purpose built wargame barn!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice estate!


fireymonkeyboy said...

Looks great, I'm glad you're so happy with it.

John (VonBlucher) said...

"What man is a man that dosen't make the world better"

I think you qualify. Beautiful area to retire to and paint mini's.

Phil said...

Thanks for sharing, it looks very nice and quiet...

Crazy Joe said...

You lucky bugger! Can I join your lottery syndicate? (You're probably due for a win!)


LittleArmies said...

What a super looking place, and it must be very nice knowing that the improvements that Alvin and yourself are making to the property are also helping, not only your extended family, but their neighbours too.

Double sixes all round I think!

Ken said...

What an amazing place! You are a very lucky man indeed.

paulalba said...

Thanks for all the kind comments guys,

I wouldn't say Lord of the Manner but it's been fun. 17,700 sq metres. Not a hug place but big enough. Pretty incredible as it cost less than our Suzuki Alto!

Hope we are making a difference. There are 5 or 6 families in little huts on the land and I think they were concerned when they heard that someone was buying the land. However Alvin reassured them we have no intention of putting them out of their home.

The familes get on well with Alvin and puts some excess veg their way after harvest and ofcourse they can use the well when needed and the families keep an eye on the land when Alvin is away.

Maybe 1 day we will retire there, we are not sure yet? You'd to have an airconditioned wargames room there!

kingsleypark said...

Wow, that looks fabulous Paul! Are you sure we want to wait until you retire to move out there?

DaveD said...

looks like we should be calling you squire!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Wish I lived in a place like that instead of here where you freeze your ass 7 months a year...nice place

paulalba said...

Hi KP, Thanks and I am afraid it will have to be when we retire unles we win the lottery? Thought about doing a painting service there but pipe dreams.

Hi Dave, you call me squire if you wish!! ;0)

I Captain, AS much as I love the sun I would be very happy to live in a place that had snow for a few months a year (as ong as we had good strong warm houses and enough to eat as well as well as good transport. The 1 thing with the Philippines is everyone struggles to sleep and the aircon is a must.

Thanks for your comments guys!

Scotsgrey said...

It simply looks great and you cant have got a better pension plan when you retire. I just need to get myself something similar

paulalba said...

Des, you know your always welcome for a visit! ;-)

Steve said...

Looks great Paul! I tasted that red horse 3 years ago when I went to the philipines, it is indeed strong!

Bob D said...

We have a similar setup in Misamis Oriental Paul. We will there this August. Maybe someday we can get together for a game.

paulalba said...

I thought that when I seen you in Facebook standing with yer Mrs.

paulalba said...

It's a head cracker Steve 😳