Wednesday 27 February 2013

AB Silesian Battalions 1

I'm glad to say it's now time for me to post some of my finshed battalions. Of the 11 foot battalions I am working on I have now managed to complete 5 in total and the latest 4 are in the yellow facings of Silesia.
So the 10th Prussian/1st Silesian regiment is now ready to take the fight to the Corsican ogre!!! (although I still need to paint up 6 volunteer jager).
The line battalion figures are in the most part figures I bought from Darren with a good number of extras added in, they still took a lot of painting to turn them into my own style to fit in with my collection and I'm really happy how they turned out.
The landwehr are the 1st battalion of a Silesian landwehr unit of 4 battalions and are all painted from scratch using the army painter method then highlighted. I do prefer the tines the AP gives the uniforms compared to the highlights on black I used before.
I picked up some GMB flags for my Prussians a couple of months back and most of them look really smart (their landwehr flags are really nice).
I cut off the old flag pole and drilled out the hands then used a paper clip as a new flag pole for strength (had to re-make the bottom hand as it came off). I'm pleased how the mounted officer came out as I thought I had added a little to much whiskers however he is a landwehr officer so he fits fine. The cool thing is that he is unique to me as he is a conversion from a line lancer officer.
I'm pretty chuffed to get these guys finished off as I've had them lying around for a good while now. Every now and again I got them out to look at and wondered when I would get round to doing them so it's a nice feeling to see them based up and magnetised.
I think the AB Prussian landwehr are some of Mr Barton's nicest figures as there are so many poses.
So with these guys finished I have had to start a new storage box. It's kind of a marker point for us when we have enough troops ready to line another A4 storage box. Maybe I'll have a couple of beers in celebration?

Anyways I hope you like them!
Cheers Paul 


john de terre neuve said...

They look great Paul.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Gorgeous work, as always.

Paulalba said...

Thanks John,
How are your own Prussians coming along?

Paulalba said...

Thanks Fire Monkey Boy! Must have crossed over with our comments there?

CPBelt said...

What size are your bases? They look great.

Schrumpfkopf said...

Fantastic. Really these 18mm miniatures d look very nice and you painting is clean as always.

Giles said...

Totally brilliant, Paul. One thing I particularly like is how the figures aren't squashed together on tight bases - the spacing enables us to better appreciate theainting!

Best wishes


John (Von Blucher) said...

Great looking units and some well done conversions!!

Glad to see you working through the lead pile.

The Angry Lurker said...

Fecking beautiful work, amazing!

Phil said...

Awesome, Paul, they are just fantastic!

Gonsalvo said...

Marvelous looking troops, Paul.

Battlescale said...

Excellent job Paul.

Sgt Steiner said...

Awesome in their awesomeness !!

DeanM said...

Very nice work there, Paul. Great looking Prussians en masse. Best, Dean

Ben Gilmour said...

Brilliant! Those ABs never fail to impress, and your painting style really does them justice.

Alexandr Litvinov said...

ПРУССИЯ - любовь моя.
Круто, очень здорово, прекрасная работа!!!

Ray Rousell said...

Very very nice, great job on replacing the flagpole!

Paulalba said...

Wow thanks for all the positive feedback guys, as always very, very much appreciated!!!

CPBelt I answered your basing question over on TMP but just encase you didn't spot it I'll list them here. The figures are based for GdB and they give a good guide of the base sizes and figure frontage.

For Prussians we base them on 40mmx30mm 8 figures to a base and the French are on 30mmx30mm bases 6 figures a base.

Большое спасибо, from google translate!


warpaintjj said...

I love your 15mm collection - ours look murky in comparison to the paint jobs you fellas produce. The models are masterpieces too of course which helps but shouldn't detract from the fabulous paint jobs. Well done Paul - can't wait for your next game and subsequent report.
Best wishes

Gregory said...

A belated Happy Birthday (I turn 40 in 3 weeks !). The Prussians are brilliant and I'm looking forward to seeing more of David's Imperial Guard (mine are slowly coming along). I always look forward to the updates on your blog. Keep 'em coming.

Best wishes.

Ken said...

Some really nice looking battalions you have there Paul!



Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Very nice work Paul...your work always looks neat, clean and professionally painted.

Paulalba said...

Thanks guys,
Works getting in the way again however I'm almost finshed my 1st East Prussian fusilier battalion. This is a regiment I have always fancied doing.

Paulalba said...

Also JJ,
Thanks for including close-ups of yer troops and I am sure your 15mm naps are brilliant!!!