Sunday, 24 February 2013

David's Legere

Yesterday I hit the milestone of 40! I'm quite glad to be 40 as it is all round a much more solid and pleasing number than 39 ;0) Anyways it passed quietly and young David popped round to join us for an Indian meal. Again I'm sorry for not posting much lately however I think you'll understand when you read further down the post. 
David also brought round his newly finished legere battalion. Quite fancy if you ask me and a great addition to their French army as this is their only completed legere battalion!!!

I apologise for the scabby thumb shot, I was watching the Liverpool game the other night and by the end I realised that I had chewed my way through all of my finger nails!!! I really thought they were going to get that last goal, substitutions were made at the wrong time for me I feel.
And here is the command base complete with the mounted colonel I converted. I think they turned out great!
And this is the reason for my lack of posts, I have jumped right into the figures Darren sold me at the end of last year. When I split them up with the spare unpainted figures I worked out I could make up about 10-11 full battalions. This has been loads of fun as I'm getting a great feeling of bringing Darren's old collection to life again.
My pride and joy, 1st battalion of my Silesian landwehr. These guys are 100% my own work done with the AP method and only need the flag finished and piping on some caps and then they can be varnished. 
So I have been mixing in 10-15 figures of my own to each battalion. The centre battalion will be the 2nd battalion of the Lieb regiment. The 2 line battalions will be in firing lines like this so as they are different from all my other line battalions. The split of figures has worked out very well and as you an see still a lot of work goes in to make them my own.
My poor Kurassiers left behind as I drown myself in foot. I have completed 3 at the back and the flag (it's actually crimson/purple not red). I hope to have all of the above finished by the end of March . . . watch this space!!!
On a wee side note: I have decided to sell off my unbuilt (and half-built) pile of 1/72 and 1/76 scale military models. I sold a huge batch to my old modelling buddy Calum however I still have hundreds left. I have been selling them at low prices for what they are and I have resin, white metal and plastic. German, Russian, US, Polish. armour, armoured trains, artillery, V2 rocket vehicles etc. Revell, Dragon, Esci, Milicast etc. Is there anyone out there interested in this sort of thing and if so what armies. You can contact me through my profile.


Crazy Joe said...

Been a bit tight on time lately and haven't kept up with my blog reading, but what a nice surprise here! Excellent stuff as usual and certainly a labour of love.

Turned 40? No problem. I turn 60 this year and I still act like a big kid. It's the bit between the ears that counts.

Happy birthday!


John (VonBlucher) said...

Happy Birthday!!
40, well lots of years left to paint your Prussians, Russians, amd Austrians.

David's legere came out beatifully!! My you have been busy with your Prussians, and they look fantastic as usual.

Stryker said...

Wonderful stuff Paul!

40 is heaps better than 30 (as I remember) and now you can move gracefully towards 50 which is better still because you can be real grumpy and get away with it...

paulalba said...

Hi Crazy Joe,
Thanks and Yeah I have really enjoyed putting the units together. Getting a really good feeling as I see each battalion coming together. I had a couple of years there where I felt as if nothing was getting done.

Hi John,
Thanks and yeah I think David has done a cracking job on the legere. I know I surprised myself with the painting of my new Prussians as it does still take a lot of time to clean up, base and paint the spares.

Hi Ian,
Thanks, and I have been working on the grumpy this last couple of years now! Maybe a bit early however pratice makes perfect!

Vasiliy Levashov said...

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Great age :) We're the same age. Me in March also marks 40 years.
Already has experience and strength :) best time.
Good luck in all your affairs, and may God be with you on your way.

Phil said...

Great work Paul...from someone who is 45...happy birthday!

warpaintjj said...

You really set the standard of painting high in your group. Just goes to show how well AP can work with the right sculpts and some care.
Keep it up, best wishes,

Dmitri Kononenko said...

Happy Birthday!

And i love this legeres. Stunning work!

paulalba said...

Hi Vasiliy, Thanks and to you to, you have a great 40th when it comes!!!

Hi Phil,
Thanks, maybe you can post some more naps soon as a wee Present? ;0)

Hi JJ,
Not sure about setting the standard however I'll take the compliment ;0) Many thanks!!!

Hi Dmitri,
Thanks, I agree young David has done a top job on the legere!!!

Thanks for your kind comments and birthday wishes guys!!!

daveb said...

Very sharp looking figs. What game are you basing them for?

paulalba said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks, we are basing for General de Brigade. You can find a link to the rules forum in my blog/website links.

Alexandr Litvinov said...

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Nice work, crazy miniatures!

Sgt Steiner said...

Well happy birthday ya whipper snapper (49 next stop pour moi !!!!!!)
Super duper paint jobs as always even with those ageing eyes of yours :-)

Monty said...

Hi Paul,

happy birthday!
And thanks for those nice pictures. David's unit turned out very, very nice.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Happy belated birthday! They are really shaping up great!


DeanM said...

Happy 40th! Lucky man - I turned 51 in December. Most parts still working - at least the important one. Nice figures as always too. Best, Dean

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely figure painting from one so young!

paulalba said...

Thanks a million for the best wishes guys and I'm sure young David will be well chuffed with the complements!!!!

Gonsalvo said...

The Legere are beautiful - I love the Colpacks on the Voltigeurs, and the bearskins on the Carabiniers!

You can be forgiven lack of blogging when churning out masses of quality figures!

Forty, eh - well, happy birthday, youngster! 58 next month for me, fortunately excellent health. Yeah, and like Dean M, *that* part still works just fine, too, LOL!

paulalba said...

Hi Peter,
Yeah young David did a fine job oon them ans thanks for the Birthday wishes!

Craig (Beresford) said...

Awesome work on David's Legere! And your landwehr are looking a real treat". Well done.

And a very happy Birthday to you also. May your brush tips always be sharp, and your eyesight even more so.


paulalba said...

Thanks Craig,
That's the landwehr finished now and will be in my next post.