Tuesday, 22 September 2009

French Guard Minifigs

The advancing French guard were the first Napoleonic troops my brother bought. I couldn't tell you exactly when that was but I was knee high to a grasshopper.

A couple of years later I bought 24 of the march attack ones, painted and based them up on beer mats (which was the basing material of choice back then!) then once we lost interest just like the rest of our Minifigs collection they were banished to my brothers loft for far to many years.

My brother and I maintained a soft spot for the old Minifigs range so when we started the Napoleonics again I felt I really had to do them justice and get them based up. Again with the General de Brigade rules we needed more figures so I had to go searching. Thanks to David C, Robert and Stephen for helping me get a hold of those missing figures, the mounted officers came from that stock I picked up at Macs Models all those years ago! Thanks again to Chris for the flags.

I have to say there is one downside to getting these guys finished, my Prussians will have to fight them!!!

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