Friday, 18 September 2009

Prussian Command Base 1

I have been working on a 15mm Prussian army mostly of Old Glory but also with the odd AB and Battle Honours figure thrown in.

 These guys are done as a infantry command and are from Old Glory they are not bad but the hats leave a lot to be desired. I had considered clipping them off and repositioning them with some plastic card and milliput but I needed to get them done pretty quick for a game we were having so decided to leave them as is.
The base is from warbases and is 40mm by 3mm deep. I filled the area around the base with milliput and added some fine sand in different sizes with white glue painted graveyard earth then given a brown wash before dry brushing with earth mixed progressively with bleached bone. To finish it off I added a few little clumps of dark tall grass and some summer mix static grass again secured with white glue again.

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