Saturday, 12 December 2009

Napoleonic Nostalgia

Well I had a little bit of a lucky find the other day, I was up in the loft getting the Christmas decorations down and stumbled across my old Airfix 54mm Napoleonic figures.

I must have done these around 19 or 20 years ago when I was still at school. I remember I had broken my leg playing rugby and had to fill my time with something other than sport. The 1st figure I did was the Scot's Grey (my wee mum still has it in her glass cabinet) then I moved onto the Polish Lancer. Please excuse any little inaccuracies as I didn't really have a clue back them and I just thought it would be a nice idea to post pics of them.

This was my favourite figure. I know they are a little glossy looking and the blue is a little light but I still am proud of them.

I have bases for all the figures and I think I will finish them off for when my loft is finished and get a gaming area set up. It's nice to look back at what started off my hobby.

Over the years a lot of the little accessories have been knocked off but thankfully I have a little bag with them all safe and sound.

And of course being from Scotland I had to have this guy.


Stryker said...

Hi Paul - I made up the Scots Grey figure myself when it first came out (about 1971 I think). I would have been 14-ish and I made a terrible mess of painting it, so bad I actually chucked it in the bin! Your figures look great and really should be restored to pride of place.


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks very much, that's very kind of you. The figures bring back lots of fond memories. The Airfix figures have stood the test of time I would say. I guess that's what the guy from Top Gear was talking about?
Thanks a lot for your comments Ian.
Best regards

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Paul,

They're very pretty. Thanks for posting your photos!

Best Regards,


Ken said...

Hi Paul,

These are great! and brought one or two memories back. I made the English infantry figure and the cuirassier. I had a hell of a job cutting the thin plastic for the cross belts etc

Thanks for posting.



paulalba said...

Hi Stokes and Ken,
Thanks for your comments. They brought back memories for me also and I had a hard time cutting those straps too Ken. Scalpel and steel ruler stuff.
Glad you are enjoying the blog.
Best regards