Saturday, 12 December 2009

Next month I will be mostly painting Russians!

Well here is the main reason for the sudden dip in my updates a new addition to my collection of a full Russian army needing some care and attention!

I picked up so many Russian figures from my friend Stuart that I just didn't know where to start. Last year Stuart join us in building Napoleonic armies and opted for the Russians but unfortunately it turned out not to be his thing.

In the new lead pile are:
6 x AB Battalions
1 x AB gun battery
A complete set of AB mounted officers and generals

12 x Old Glory battalions
3 x Old Glory Gun Batteries
1 x Old Glory Hussar Regiment 30figs
2 x Cuirassier Regiments of 12figs
30 x Cossacks

A complete set of Old Glory mounted officers and generals
and a whole load of odds and sods.

JP had done a fine job speed painting them and basing them up and now I have started to turn them into my own style to join my army.

It would have been nice if you would have covered the whole figure in black base coat John!

So I had a little tinker with them, cleaned up flash and blacked areas that had been missed and this is roughly what I will be looking to achieve with some finer details added. JP kindly picked up the Russian green he used on Friday for me so I am now ready to start my Russian army. The AB figures will be the main part of my army in future and the Old Glory will be a quick fix to get them onto the table. However when I started tiding up the Old Glory Russians they did look really nice!

In amongst the AB figures was a battalion of my favourite Pavlov's. If I get close to finishing them like this guy I done 17 years ago I will be happy! 1 thing why don't the Pavlovs come with an officer with mitre?

One of the many Old Glory gun batteries I now own. Just a little bit of clean up and these guys will be ready for action.

Quite a daunting task, Old Glory Russians as far as the eye can see.

However they are not badly finished and with a little work I hopefully should have an army together pretty soon.

The Cossacks seem to be absolutely useless on the battlefield in GdB. I think this may be a unit destined for ebay?

JP had made the Old Glory Hussars as 2 different regiments but I have combined them as 1 White Russian Regiment of thirty. I will tidy them further and re-base them on the right sized bases.

I now have the correct colours for the uniforms so I should have these guys finished up quick smart.

So wish me luck with building my new Russian army!


Stryker said...

I wish you luck indeed! Very exciting acquisition, I look forward to seeing how they turn out.


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Yeah I'm very excited with them. A lot of work but I'm looking forward to doing them.