Monday, 7 December 2009

Afternoon Nap(s) 1

Well it's been a little while from my last post and this has been due to a few things. I've been working too much and also have been updating our club blog but the main reason is I hit a very nice couple of snags that stopped my painting!

Snag no.1
I was up at Kirriemuir for their wargaming show and in the "bring and buy" stumbled on 45 Prussian AB's in march attack based and painted to a basic standard for £12!!! (lucky or what?) So I snaffled them up quick but this caused me a little bit of thought as I had already started figures for my guard yet these new guys fitted the bill better. So I debased them cleaned them up and they are now 90% finished with some other AB's added in to give me 2 march attack Prussian Guard battalions.

Snag no.2
I had bid on a load of AB Russians on ebay and was narrowly outbid (because I had been working night shift and placed my bid too early) a friend turned round and offered me his Russian army for a nice price. So I started debasing and cleaning them up to do them in my own style and I now have 6 Russian battalions and 6 guns on the workbench and all are AB!

Anyway enough of my ramblings and back to the post

Friday I was working night shift but with the prospect of a game of Naps at the club the following afternoon I got myself home and had a wee 3hr nap, got myself sorted out and ready for a days battling. It's at times like these that I wish I was a coffee drinker!

This will be a small report as the main report will be over on our club site
Carluke Wargames Club.
So there were four of us playing in the game. In charge of the evil land grabbing Allied armies were Robert with his Austrian army and young David who was in control of my Prussian Army, each had 2 brigades of infantry as well as a cavalry brigade each. For a change I was playing the glorious French (who had tried for so many years to bring peace and freedom to the people of Europe) along with my brother David. I had 2 infantry and 1 light cavalry brigade and David had an infantry and a Cuirassier brigade.

A closeup of Robert's Austrian Cuirassiers and Dragoons out on the Allied right. Apologies for the picture qualities I was just to damn tired!

And another of Roberts rather nice Austrian infantry.

I've always been a big fan of the Austrian uniforms but painting all that white has put me off however I think the Hungarian infantry is a nice change with the sky blue trousers.

Out on the left of the Allied line young David had set up his cavalry to guard his flank.

An overview of the battlefield at the start of our game.

So everyone was set up, David and I had stepped out to discuss our cunning plan and left Robert and young David to sort theirs out. David and I decided to be aggressive and aim our main attack at the Austrians as we figured we could get enough firepower into play against their front battalions and that they would have problems manoeuvring the rear battalions (a kind of bottleneck) we felt we could combine an assault from my second brigade with Davids brigade and with his Cuirassiers hopefully beating off the Austrian cavalry put added pressure on Roberts Austrian infantry. What's this, tactics? never heard of them?

A closeup of David's Cuirassiers that up to this point had not done well in many battles, would this be the day to change that?

The other part of our plan was to keep young David at bay from our right flank. The 2 light cavalry regiments were to engage the Allied cavalry and hopefully neutralize them.

to be continued . . .


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looks to be a spectacle.


paulalba said...

Hi Christopher,
It was a nice looking game and a lot of fun.